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Cimini: Jamal Adams 'irked' by Jets contract talksMay 21, 2020 | 06:15 PM

Jamal Adams and the Jets have "reached an impasse in contract talks," according to ESPN's Rich Cimini. Analysis: Adams wants a new deal prior to the season, yet the Jets want to wait before handing out a long-term extension, according to Cimini's report. "The Adams camp is upset, claiming the Jets are dragging their feet, sources said." How upset? Apparently the idea of a trade was brought up earlier this week. This is not the first time Adams' name has been mentioned in a possible move, as last year's trade deadline nearly saw him be sent to the Cowboys, as reports stated Dallas offered a first-round pick. The current kerfuffle seems to be rooted in timing - the Jets want to keep Adams long-term, and he wants to be locked in long-term before the 2020 season begins. Multiple Jets beat writers posted a similar Adams story on the same day, meaning one side is clearly leaking information in the hopes of gaining leverage.


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