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Flames: Kraken's price for Giordano was too highJuly 22, 2021 | 06:12 AM

The Calgary Flames did attempt to work out a deal with the Seattle Kraken to avoid them taking Mark Giordano, but in the end it didn't work out. Analysis: "In order for this not to happen was a price we couldn't pay," Flames GM Brad Treliving said. "If there was a way within reason for this not to happen . . . we certainly would have pursued it." While we can't truly know what happened behind closed doors, it is noteworthy that the Seattle Kraken didn't end up working out any trades directly in the expansion draft. That's in contrast to the Vegas Golden Knights, who were able to arrange for plenty of side deals, many of which proved favorable for the young franchise. Seeing how those trades worked out for Vegas, teams were likely reluctant to pull the trigger on similar deals with Seattle.


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