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LF wall at OPACY back 26.5 ft, wall up to 13 ftJanuary 14, 2022 | 05:45 AM

The renderings of the impending changes to the dimensions at Camden Yards released by the Orioles on Friday show that the left field wall will be moved back about 26.5 feet and the wall's height will increase from 7 feet, 4 inches to 13 feet. Analysis: It's more detail on the report which came out earlier this week. That report indicated the wall would be moved back "as much as 30 feet," and it appears the move will cover nearly that full distance, along with even more of a height increase than was reported. Also noteworthy is that the left-field foul pole will not be moved back and, of course, center field and right field will go untouched. Time will tell how much this will ultimately affect how things play out at Camden Yards, but, on paper, it certainly looks like a major change. Right-handed sluggers like Ryan Mountcastle and Trey Mancini figure to be most affected, along with pitcher John Means (from a positive perspective).


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