Donovan MitchellSG | Jazz

Jazz, Knicks, Lakers discussed three-team tradeAugust 05, 2022 | 06:09 AM

HoopsHype's Michael Scotto reported that the Knicks, Lakers, and Jazz discussed a three-team deal that would land Donovan Mitchell in New York. Analysis: The proposed trade would send some quality players to the Lakers, like Bojan Bogdanovic or Patrick Beverley, and a ton of draft capital to Utah. It would also include Russell Westbrook being traded to Utah and being bought out. This seems like the best scenario for all three teams, since the Lakers won't be able to get that type of talent on their team in any other trade. We'll see if they're willing to part with two firsts, since that's what's been holding them back from dealing Westbrook all along. Russ would then be free to join any team he'd like. We'll see who would have interest in giving him a role.


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