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Quentin Grimes believes his role will be expandedAugust 04, 2022 | 03:34 PM

Quentin Grimes said recently that he expects his role to be expanded some this upcoming season. Analysis: For the second consecutive offseason Grimes, one of the best performers in Summer League last month, worked out with University of Memphis head coach (and former NBA guard) Penny Hardaway. Penny was a point guard for much of his career, and while Grimes has been asked to play off the ball with the Knicks, expanding his game is something he's working to do. "He's kind of like a big uncle to me," Grimes said of Hardaway. "Just took me under his wing and helped me play the point guard position a lot better because that's what I was in high school... Last year, they didn't necessarily need me to do that -- got to come in, play extremely hard on defense, knock down shots. I feel like next year my role will be expanded a little bit more. ... I'm a scorer, really. I love getting to the mid-range, getting all the way to the rim, getting fouled. I like having an all-around game." While incumbent Evan Fournier remains under contract, it isn't far-fetched to see Tom Thibodeau open up the competition for that starting spot once training camp begins. And whether Grimes starts or not, he should be on fantasy managers' radars heading into draft season.


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