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Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley (knee) is not expected to travel with the team as it heads to Hawaii to play the Dallas Cowboys in exhibition game Saturday, Aug. 17. 'That's something that I would say, more likely than not, but we're still working through the specifics of that as we kind of get closer and closer to that. I don't have the full answer, but more likely than not, he will not go,' head coach Sean McVay said.August 13, 2019 | 03:33 PM

Writer's Analysis: Gurley wants to make the trip, but he said he will defer to McVay. It's a curious decision if McVay is as healthy as the Rams want everyone to believe, although it is also understandable why they wouldn't want an important player with a knee issue on a long flight, especially when he isn't going to play a snap anyway. Much will probably be made of the decision to leave Gurley behind if it happens, but owners should wait for something a bit more substantial before making a final decision on him for this season.
Source: The Huddle


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